Childish Gambino – 3005 (Chordashian Remix)

Chordashian - Childish Gambino 3005 remix

Okay, will Childish Gambino’s song ‘3005’ just seems to be the song to remix right now. After ENFERNO put on an insaneee live remix of this, which you can also view below, Chordashian also thought to take a stab at this piece. This duo from Brooklyn made this into Brooklyn’s Finest Remix, after doing what they do best. What’s best about this band, is how they do have their own unique sound, which I dig completely. Well you check them out for yourself too!

♫No Matter What You Say Or What You Do…♫

Childish Gambino – 3005 (Chordashian Remix)

Also watch this life remix done by ENFERO, it’ll blow your mind.

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