G-Eazy – Lady Killers II

G-Eazy - Lady Killers II

Here G-Eazy makes a slower, more toned down remix to his previous song ‘Lady Killers’. The first one was a huge banger featuring Hoodie Allen, but this song is a lot more slow and chill. It’s still addicting just like the past, but what else do expect from a G-Eazy song? Grab the free download below and enjoy!

Lady Killers ft. Hoodie Allen

G-Eazy – Lady Killers II

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Kap Slap – Wrecking Suckaz

Kap Slap - Wrecking Suckaz

Kap Slap is back with another huge electro mashup. Not only is this song a banger, it includes some of the top songs from today, making it the ultimate party mashup. Check out this mashup below, and be sure to grab this download off Kap Slap’s facebook page. Enjoy!

1) Chasin’ – Sander Van Doorn
2) Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
3) What’s up Suckaz – TJR
4) Lies (Otto Knows Remix) – Burns
5) Cascade – Tommy Trash

Kap Slap – Wrecking Suckaz | Free Download

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