Wayvee x Zuper – Habits EP

Habits EP

Two brand new artists for you guys. Wayvee, an artist from New Zealand, decided to collaborate with Zuper, one of my favorite artists from Cali, (Who also is one of my favorite artists, and you can check out his music here) and make 3 INSANE tracks. AND GUESS WHAT.. IT GETS BETTER. They decided to give these tracks out as a free download, to have you get hooked on these amazing tunes! Do yourself a favor, and at least listen to the first song, I know you’ll recognize it…

Wayvee x Zuper – Habits

Wayvee x Zuper – Odyssey

Rustie – Globes (Wayvee x Zuper Edit)

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Oh Wonder – Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)

Oh Wonder - Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)

Louis the Child has been on the silent come up ever since he played at Spring Awakening back in June, however this duo dropped their Dimensions EP awhile ago, and now with a brand new remix! After being noted as one of the artists to look for in 2014, Louis the Child has really performed to their full potential and releasing killller songs. This remix is definitely one to tune into, especially since it’s available for free. Follow this duo below and jam out!

Oh Wonder – Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix) | Download |

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K Theory @ Mac’s Bar – Lansing, Michigan: Live Interview

K Theory interview @ Mac's Bar, Lansing, Michigan

Michigan, Mid-November, is not exactly the warmest place in the world. Although you won’t see many people walking the streets, the club was still goin’ up, on a Tuesday, thanks to K Theory. After seeing these guys live at Electric Forest, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to meet Malcolm Anthony and Dylan Lewman, two members out of the teams trio. However before they officially got their killer set started, I was able to sit down with them and ask a couple questions.

Kyle: First off, where’s Dustin at?

Dylan: Well he’s back in the lab right now. We announced our ’25 Days of Christmas’ special, where we’re releasing a track for free everyday starting December first, and then a huge pack on Christmas, so somebody has to stay in the lab and get the beats done. I mean sometimes we have to split up, but that’s the beauty about having three people, and we just have to roll with it.

Kyle: Do you guys have any dream festivals to play at?

Dylan: Well we played Coachella which was amazing, but we really want to play at a showcase stage during a festival such as Glastonbury. It’s not a festival, but Madison Square Garden is on the top of our list as well. Lollapalooza would be cool, and Bonnaroo.

Kyle: What about Electric Daisy Carnival?

Dylan: It’s not really on the top of our priority list. We’ve done Beyond Wonderland twice now, but honestly, those shows are more party-centric, and we’re looking for something more sustainable for a music appreciation concert. I would play the show for sure if they ask, but it’s not necessarily a priority.

Kyle: So where was the last place you played at?

Dylan: Utah, which was sick. We played at Ear Milks mansion in the city who threw a Halloween Party, and I dressed up as Timothy Green. They also had a haunted house, zero-gravity dodgeball, which I still don’t even know how that works, but the kids loved it, and they were all down to party.

Kyle: So what did you think of Electric Forest?

Malcolm: One of the best concerts we’ve played at. The vibe was amazing, Dylan lost his phone driving on the golf cart, and someone just found it and turned it in, which is so odd to happen
at a four-day festival. Plus the crowd was insane, and it got us energetic as well.

Kyle: You can definitely tell how excited you all get when you perform. Not only do you rock out behind the mic, but you [Dylan] and Dustin get so energetic behind the DJ set as well,

Dylan: I mean it’s so much fun, especially since we only play our own music and remixes, and why wouldn’t we love doing that? I mean if you’re not loving what you’re doing every day, you should need to rethink what you’re doing.

Kyle: Deadmau5 said he would play a set with Paris Hilton for $2 million, what would it take for you guys?

Dylan: I mean I’d want to do a porno with her, so we would do it for the porno. We would do the Triple Team, New Trinity porno featuring Paris Hilton and Kim K could sign up too if she’s down. We’d do the soundtrack, fully produce the whole thing, direct it, and do a tour. Plus we would just stay in the Hilton, who would cover everything well. I mean just one night in Paris just isn’t enough for me…

So after we closed everything up, I waited for the clock to strike 12:30. More and more people started packing the bar, and K Theory started blasting their unique bass, mixed with Malcolm’s hype vocals. Even people that were clueless to K Theory started head bobbing once they played their Drake remix of ‘Best I Ever Had’, which instantly brought energy to the whole venue. If I had to pick my favorite track of the night, it was definitely K Theory’s remix of the Chainsmoker’s ‘Kanye’, which bangs more than any EDM song I’ve heard in a while (posted below).

It’s not everyday you find an EDM band who actually provides electricity to the crowd, instead of just standing behind the set. K Theory is one of the most energetic bands you will see perform live. Plus with 25 tracks coming between December 1st and Christmas, and an album coming in February called ‘Roller Caosters We Live On”, there’s plenty of new music coming your way. Be sure to follow K Theory on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud below, because they are they chillest guys you’ll ever meet, yet they’ll perform some of the most intense music you will ever hear. Plus, be sure to catch them on their tour, dates posted here. Enjoy!

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Dillon Francis – When We Were Young (Grandtheft Remix)

Dillon Francis - When We Were Young (Grandtheft Remix)

So although Dillon Francis’s album ‘Money Sucks Friends Rule’ only came out yesterday through Columbia Records, Grandtheft didn’t take long to remix one of the best songs on the album. Taking a catchy electronic track and twisting it into a trap classic is incredibly difficult, but Grandtheft found a way to do it. Checkout this trap banger <3

Dillon Francis – When We Were Young (Grandtheft Remix)

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Bassnectar – Open Up (Minnesota REMIX)

Bassnectar - Open Up (Minnesota REMIX)

As Minnesota’s first appearance on BTYF, here’s a little bit of background on this Western Style producer. Starting in Santa Cruz at 19 years old in 2009, releasing an album through Tycho Records in 2011, and playing at over 50 major cities and almost every major festival, Minnesota is not a name to take lightly. Actually, Bassnectar commented on using Minnesota’s song “Push It” in one of his sets, saying, “[It’s] quickly becoming a staple in my sets,” and “perfect for when I need a track that is epic and churning but also melodically hyped.” Definitely check out this new remix, Enjoy :)

PS. This Dudes on tour coming to a city near you, check out his dates right here

Bassnectar – Open Up (Minnesota REMIX) | Get It Here |

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Rae Sremmurd – No Type (K Theory Remix)

Rae Sremmurd - No Type (K Theory Remix)

K Theory seems to be a reoccurring name on this site. That can only mean one thing.. They’re producing dope a** music, which is 100% true. Here, this trio remixes the song ‘No Type’ by Rae Sremmurd. What I love most about this group is the killer vocals Malcolm Anthony adds to each song. I saw K Theory at Electric Forest, and the concert was the definition of ‘controlled insanity’. Definitely see if you can catch this trio live, and in the meantime, download this new single!

Rae Sremmurd – No Type (K Theory Remix) | Free Download |

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Boaz – Don’t Know (feat. Mac Miller)

Boaz - Don't Know (feat. Mac Miller)

Boaz and Mac Miller are at it again. This time, Boaz features Mac on a dope trumpet-led track, which seems to fit both vocals perfectly. Additionally, Boaz dropped his new album Intuition, which features fourteen killer tracks including this one. Boaz, who’s signed through Rostrum Records, is a incredible artist, and I highly recommend at least streaming this album. Anyways, enjoy this track, and be on the lookout for big things coming from these two artists!

Boaz – Don’t Know (feat. Mac Miller) | Get it Here |

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Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around…Comes Around (MUTO Remix)

Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around (MUTO Remix)

Okay, so everybody is familiar with this song. However, you may not be familiar with MUTO. He’s an Australian producer with a real Flume-like vibe to him, which means everyone is going to like him (Because who doesn’t like Flume…?). Besides that fact, MUTO took this Justin Timberlake track from 2006 and made it listenable again. Adding the chillwave synths combined with Justin Timberlakes voice, I know all of who will like this track. Plus it’s out as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Grab this track, it’s well worth it <3

Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around…Comes Around (MUTO Remix)

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Fox Stevenson – All In (Protohype Remix)

Fox Stevenson - All In (Protohype Remix)

So we all know Protohype as the electronic headbanger producer, however all great artists experiment with all types of music. Here, Protohype remixes the Fox Stevenson tune ‘All In’ and decides to take more of a chill ballad twist to this track, which I personally love. There’s still the same Protohype bass, and the synths stay catchy throughout this perfect fall tune. Listen to this new track, and grab it below! Enjoy :)

Fox Stevenson – All In (Protohype Remix) | Get It Here |

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Mac Miller – Just Some Raps, Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Mac Miller - Just Some Raps, Nothing To See Here, Move Along

To start off, Mac Miller has just signed a 10 million dollar deal with Warner Bros. In fact, this is the young Pittsburgh native rapper’s first ever deal, proving to all other artists that staying independent will eventually pay off. Celebrating this Mac Miller releases his new tune, which he raps about his successes with the same ol’ Mac flow that we’ve grown to know and love. Now that he’s finally signed, we’re curious how this will impact his music. Be on the lookout for more tunes soon, and for now, enjoy this new one!

Mac Miller – Just Some Raps, Nothing To See Here, Move Along

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